Hail Event

The evening of August 2, 2018 brought a vicious storm down the 32 Highway and north. Hail, strong winds, and rain poured down for 15 minutes or more. Obvious crop damage around the country to varying degrees. The combines will start rolling in one or two days and the sprayers have been busy desiccating lentils. 

2018 Seeding

This year's seeding started on April 28th and ended on May 25th. Our team members put in countless hours to make sure it was a successful seeding season. Three Bourgault drills were busy seeding lentils, canola, and durum. Stay tuned for updates on seed production of CDC Alloy Durum and AC Transcend Durum. The sprayers will be rolling in a short few days to start the in-crop herbicide application. We need a good shot of rain to get the crops going and have a chance at obtaining target yields. 

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